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the bay

The main attraction of staying at Sandaig Cottage is the bay itself which offers wonderful opportunities for sea fishing, boating and sailing. Normally, the prevailing weather sets in to the bay, which makes it a relatively sheltered safe place for pottering about in small sailing and rowing boats, although caution should of course always be exercised in these remote parts. There is a tidal mooring for small boats directly outside the cottage and a further one in the harbour at the head of the bay.


The bay is open only to the south-south west, with rocky outcrops all around and a largely sandy bottom. Two burns discharge into the bay; the closest, Sandaig Burn now provides power and water for the cottage and neighbouring chapel.This is described in the Micro hydro section. With the fairly large tidal range, the appearance of the bay is constantly changing.


At low tide, white sand is exposed beyond the island and at high tide the water is only about 7 metres from the house. (Don't worry, it hasn't flooded!). The only other house on the bay is the old Knoydart chapel which was rebuilt at roughly the same time as the cottage.


This is the home of our neighbours Jon and Janet Sellars who are most helpful to us and to those who come for holidays in our house. The chapel is about a 1/2 of a mile north east of the cottage.

Sandaig Bay by Helicopter
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